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Local site search

You can search for words or part-words on this site.

This straightforward search is the same as appears in the menu system and on several other pages. It will search all pages (on this site except Track layouts, Section C, and Magazines).

This search is always 100% up-to-date, but Track Layouts, Section C, and Magazines can never be listed in this search as they are driven by external data. Additional search options for these may be developed at a later date.

  • A full list of available Track Layouts, in alphabetical order, can be found here
  • All information in the Magazines section is found here
  • It is hoped that a specialised search for Section C can be introduced at a later date.


Search only The Blower

This works the same as the local site search above, but only returns results for the forum pages. Again, it is always 100% up-to-date.


Google site search

The Google site search indexes all of this site, including the areas not covered by the local search above, but the results will never be current as it only checks and lists details of the site at intervals.

Some results may link to non-existent removed pages (the pre-April web site), many of which Google seem oddly reluctant to remove from the listing.

This search also includes the related web site where a wide range of signal box photographs can be viewed with no obligation to buy. Clicking/tapping on the images enlarges them. Search results will also include non-signalling subjects on that site.

Please bear in mind this search option uses an external service and we are not responsible for their advertising or privacy arrangements.

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