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You can search for any words or part-words on this site.

For example, pop the name of your favourite signal box into the box and in a flash you will know if it gets a mention on this site.

This search method is fast, accurate and always up-to-date. However, the Section C, Magazines and Rule 55 pages are not listed here.


Google site search

The Google site search indexes all of this site, including the areas not covered by the local search above, but the results may not be current as it only checks and lists details of the site at intervals.

Regrettably it is not currently working well – some of this site has been listed but Google seem to be reluctant to remove their listings of the old pages. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon!

This search also includes the related web site where a wide range of signal box photographs can be browsed with no obligation to buy.

Please bear in mind this search option uses an external service and we are not responsible for their advertising or privacy arrangements.

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