6. Distant signals and short block sections

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[ Shared distant signals ]

A number of complications arise with short block sections. The need to offer trains forwards prior to receipt of Train entering section has been discussed in Chapter 2, as has the associated Train approaching bell signal. Another situations where the regulations vary for short block sections is in connection with Blocking back, explained in Chapter 3.


Shared distant signals

Where boxes are close together, the distant for one signal box may not be a sufficient distance from its Home Signal to give sufficient braking distance. There are a number of ways this problem can be overcome.

New "improved" layout at Signal Box "B"

Taking our example, Box B, the section between B and C is quite short, and C"s Up Distant (below B's Up Home - No.2) is not be the full braking distance from his Up Home signal. Ways of dealing with this can be as follows: