BOOKS 1980 - 1989

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Signalling Days, by H Gasson Oxford Publishing Company, 1981

Signalman’s Morning, by A Vaughan John Murray 1981

Railway Signalling, by O S Nock. A & C Black, 1980, 1982 and 1985.

British Railways Engineering 1948-80, by J Johnson & R Long. Mechanical Engineering Publications Ltd, c1980

Ganger, Guard and Signalman, by R Fawcett. Bradford Barton, 1981

A Pictorial Record of LNWR Signalling, by R D Foster. Oxford Publishing Company, 1982

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Traffic Control Maps Vol 2 Lancashire 1922, by T T Sutcliffe. T T Sutcliffe 1982.

Signalman’s Twilight, by A Vaughan. John Murray 1983

A Pictorial Record of LNER Constituent Signalling, by A A MacLean. Oxford Publishing Company, 1983

Exeter West Box, by A Vaughan Exeter West Group, 1984

Signalman's Morning/Signalman's Twilight, by A Vaughan Pan, 1984
Combined reprint of two previously published titles as above.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Traffic Control Maps Vol 3 Yorkshire 1895, by T T Sutcliffe. T T Sutcliffe 1984.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Traffic Control Maps Vol 4 Yorkshire 1922, by T T Sutcliffe. T T Sutcliffe 1984.

A Signalman’s Life, by Tom Rogers. Midland Railway Trust c1984

Signalman's Nightmare, by A Vaughan John Murray, 1997.

An Historical Survey of the Midland in Gloucestershire, by P Smith. Oxford Publishing Company, 1985.

Yesterday's Railwayman, by D A Newbould Oxford Publishing Company, 1985

A Comprehensive List of British Mechanical Signalling Frames, Vols I and II, by D W EdwardsEdwards, c1985

An Historic Survey of Selected LMS Stations vol 2, by R Preston Hendry and R Powell Hendry. Oxford Publishing Company, 1986.

The Signal Box: A Pictorial History and Guide to Designs, by The Signalling Study Group. Oxford Publishing Company, 1986.

Computations in Railway Installations, Track and Signalling, by T K S Murphy. Computational Mechanics, 1987

Past Aspects, edited by C A King Exeter West Group, 1987

The Southampton Signal Boxes - The Final Years, by S D Johnson In Transit Monographs, 1987

The West of England Resignalling, by Adrian Vaughan. Ian Allan, 1987.

A Guide to Mechanical Locking Frames, by The Signalling Study Group Kay, 1989

The Midland Railway, A Chronology, by J Gough. RCHS 1989

The Style 'L' Power Frame, by J D Francis Francis, 1989

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