BOOKS 1990 to 1999

The Register of Scottish Signal Boxes, by F Alexander & E S Nicoll. Alexander & Nicoll, 1990

Railway Detectives, by S Hall Ian Allan, 1990

Signal Box Diagrams of the Great Western & Southern Railways, by G A Pryer Pryer, c1990 to date

  1. GWR Lines in Dorset
  2. SR Lines in East Dorset
  3. Somerset & Dorset Joint Lines
  4. GWR Westbury, Frome & Salisbury
  5. SR Exeter (Central) to Templecombe excl branches
  6. GWR lines Exeter & Torbay
  7. Templecombe, Salisbury, Andover and branches
  8. GWR lines Taunton to Exeter and branches
  9. Bournemouth to Southampton and branches
  10. Bristol to Taunton and branches
  11. SR lines in North Devon
  12. GWR lines in South Devon
  13. SR lines: Plymouth and North Cornwall
  14. GWR lines: Plymouth and East Cornwall
  15. SR lines: Southampton - Eastleigh - Winchester and branches
  16. GWR lines: West Cornwall
  17. SR lines: North east Hampshire
  18. GWR Lines: Swindon to bath and branches
  19. S.R. Lines in the Portsmouth Area
  20. GWR Berks and Hants Lines (including the Didcot, Newbury & Southampton Railway)
  21. SR Lines Woking, Guildford, and the “Portsmouth Direct”
  22. Midland and South Western Junction Railway
  23. GWR Lines in the Bristol Area
  24. SR Lines in West Sussex
  25. GWR: Swindon Area

British Railways Layout Plans of the 1950s, by J Swift Signalling Record Society, c1990 to date

  1. ex-LNWR Main Line, Euston to Crewe
  2. ex-MR Main Line, Trent to St Pancras
  3. ex-GCR London Extension, Nottingham to Marylebone
  4. ex-North Staffordshire Lines
  5. ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway lines in West Lancashire
  6. West Coast Main Line (Euxton Junction top Mossband) and branches
  7. L&NWR Branch Lines, London and East Midlands area
  8. Manchester and Chesterfield to Derby and Trent
  9. LNW lines Crewe to Euxton Junction, Liverpool to Manchester
  10. LNW lines in North Wales, Chester and Wirral areas
  11. LNW lines in the West Midlands (excluding Trent Valley Line)
  12. ex-MR Main Line Carlisle to Leeds, associated branches and joint lines
  13. Cheshire Lines Committee and associated Great Central lines
  14. Ex-MR lines Whitwell to Glendon Sidings via Nottingham, and branches
  15. Ex-LNWR lines Crewe(excl) to Manchester & Leeds, and branches
  16. Ex-MR lines Crewe(excl) to Barnt Green, Leicester to Burton, and branches

Railway Control Systems: Sequel to Railway Signalling, by M Leach. A & C Black, 1991.

Signalman's Reflections, by A Vaughan. Silver Link Publishing, 1991.

A Pictorial Survey of Railway Signalling, by D Allen & C J Woolstenholmes. Oxford Publishing Company, 1991

The Signal Box Directory, by The Signalling Study Group. Kay, 1992.

BR Signalling Handbook, by S Hall. Ian Allan, 1992.

Railway Lines and Levers, by Ron Bradshaw. Unicorn, 1993.

Railway Signalling. 1993.

Railway Terminology, by B K Cooper. Ian Allan, 1994. (Includes a chapter on signalling, biased toward current practice.)

Signalboxes and Semaphores of the Leicester Gap, by Mike Spencer. Sutton, 1994

European Railway Signalling, by the Institute of Railway Signal Engineers. A&C Black, 1995.

The Signalling of the Isle of Wight Railways, by J Wagstaff Signalling Record Society, 1993

London, Brighton & South Coast Railway: Signal Boxes in 1920-1922, by J M WagstaffeSignalling Record Society, 1994-9

  1. London to Brighton
  2. East of the London & Brighton Line
  3. Mid Sussex & West Coast Lines and Branches
  4. Dorking and Suburban Lines

Combined Index of "The Signalling Record", by Andrew Proctor. Proctor, 1995.

Signalling in the Age of Steam (also known as ABC Signalling?), by M Vanns. Ian Allan, 1995.

A Pictorial Survey of London-Midland Signalling, by D Allen & C J Woolstenholmes. Oxford Publishing Company, 1996

ABC Modern Signalling Handbook, by S Hall. Ian Allan, 1996 and 2001

Signalling: Railway Safety Principles and Guidance Part 2: Section D, by the Health & Safety Executive. HSE, 1996.

Railway Safety Principles and Guidance Part 2 Section D – Signalling. HSE,1996

ABC Signalboxes, by M A Vanns. Ian Allan, 1997.

An Illustrated History of Signalling, by M A Vanns. Ian Allan, 1997.

Signalling Atlas and Signal Box Directory, by The Signalling Study Group. Kay, 1997.

Signals and Signalboxes of Great Britain, by David Hucknall. Sutton Publishing, 1998

Two Centuries of Railway Signalling, by G Kichenside & A Williams. Oxford Publishing, 1998.

SSI Overview Guide, by D Newing & M Castles. MHA, 1998.

Proceed at Caution, by P Kirton. Challenger Publications, 1998

Constructing and Operating Semaphore Signals, by Mick Nicholson. Challenger, 1999

London Transport Railway Signalling - Papers on the Life and Work of Robert Dell 1900-1992, by J Talbot and others. Nebulous, 1999.

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