BOOKS 2000 to 2009

Signalboxes, People and Trains on The Berks and Hants Line, by D E Canning. Ravenswing Publishing, 2000

Western Signalman, by A Vaughan. Ian Allan, 2000.

Illustrated History of Great Northern Railway Signalling, by M A Vanns 2000

Surviving Signal-boxes, by D Hucknall Sutton Publishing, 2000

British RailwaySignalling Practice – Mechanical, various authors, Peter Kay 2000. Reprint of IRSE booklet

Signal Boxes of the London & South Western Railway - A Study of Architectural Style, by G Pryer Oakwood Press, 2000

The History and Development of Railway Signalling in the British Isles: Volume 1 Broad Survey, by S Hall. Friends of NRM 2000

Mechanical Signalling in Plymouth, by L Crosier. Signalling Record Society, 2000

BR Signalling in Colour for the Modeller & Historian, by R Hendry. Midland Publishing, 2001

Traditional Signalling - A Brief Design History, by M A Vanns. Ian Allan, 2001

British RailwaySignalling Practice – Electrical, various authors, Peter Kay 2001 Reprint of IRSE booklet

British RailwaySignalling Practice – Signalling Instruments, various authors, Peter Kay 2001. Reprint of IRSE booklet.

Burghclere Signalman, by Kevin Robertson. KRM Publications 2002

Signal Boxes on Lancashire &Yorkshire Railway Lines North East Lancashire, by Chris Littleworth. Signalling Record Society 2002

The History and Development of Railway Signalling in the British Isles: Volume 2 The Telegraph and the Absolute Block Single Line Operation, by D Stirling. Friends of NRM 2002

Great Central Signalman: One Man's Passion for Signalling, by I Mackenzie/P J Wortley. Silver Link Publishing, 2005

Exeter West Box, by The Exeter West Group. Exeter West Group 2006

Railway Signalling and Track Plans, by Bob Essery. Ian Allan 2007

Western Region Signalling in Colour, by Kevin Robertson. Ian Allan 2008

Signal Box Register - Volume 4: Southern, by Signalling Record Society. Signalling Record Society 2009

British Railway Signalling Development in colour, by Robert Hendry. Ian Allan 2009

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