Spittal Level Crossing
An interesting survivor

by Ian Hughes

Spittal Level Crossing:

  • is located on the ECML in NE Northumberland 65.01 miles north of Newcastle Upon Tyne and 1.09 miles south of Berwick Upon Tweed Stations.
  • is under the control of the crossing keeper, supervised by the signalman at Tweedmouth signal box. TCB Regulations apply.

Quail Reference Book 2 Page 23b ECM 7
65.01miles from Newcastle

View of crossing from Down side
View of the crossing from the Down side looking generally east. The crossing keepers cabin is on the opposite side of the line.

The view of the crossing from the Up side looking generally west


The cabin at Spittal Level Crossing
The cabin



The passage of pedestrians over the crossing is controlled by miniature Red / Green lights and in general the crossing keeper has no involvement. The wicket gates are not locked during the passage of trains.


The crossing keeper controls the passage of vehicles over the crossing. To use the crossing the driver of the vehicle presses the red bell button on the gatepost to alert the crossing keeper.

Instrument that holds gate keys
The instrument that holds the gate keys

Crossing Keeper asking for release
Once alerted the crossing keeper asks for a release from the signalman at Tweedmouth box.

Unlocking the gates
The keys are then used to unlock the gates, each key stays in the lock until the gate is relocked. The crossing keeper is unlocking the Up side gate in this shot

Unlocking the Down Side gate
The Down side gate is then unlocked

Car crossing
The vehicle can then cross. In this shot the vehicle is crossing west to east. The call attention button can be seen on the gatepost to the left

Instrument showing FREE with keys removed
Once the vehicle has cleared the crossing the gates are re locked. Instrument showing the “free” indication both keys removed.

Replacing the keys in the instrument
The keys are then replaced in the instrument and the release given back to the signalman at Tweedmouth

Ian Hughes 7/04