Queensland Government Railways (QR)

by Peter Richards, all photographs taken 20 October 2005

Kuranda Signalbox
The Signalbox, which is situated on an island platform.

Kuranda is a real survivor from the days of mechanical signalling as it holds heritage status and, as such, cannot presently be updated. As a result it is a small oasis of Victorian signalling in the middle of the DTC (Direct Train Control) controlled line that is operated from Townsville in the south as far up as Mutchilba, high up on the Queensland Tablelands - a distance of several hundred kilometres. All the signals are oil-lit McKenzie & Holland lower quadrant semaphores operated from the Signalbox on the platform. The staff at Kuranda have total control of all movements within the station limits.

Interior of Kuranda box   Interior of Kuranda box
Inside the 'box is a 37 lever McKenzie & Holland frame, although only 25 of these levers are in use today.
'Box diagram The 'box diagram 'Box diagram
'Box diagram

Signal   Signals   Signals
Signal at the Cairns end of the station   Signals at the Mareeba end of the station
Kuranda Signalbox
Another view of the 'box set amongst tropical splendour
  Whistle codes
The list of station whistle codes

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