at the turn of the Century


Pantyffynnon signal box
Pantyffynnon box can be found a little way inland from Llanelli, controlling the southern end of the Central Wales line and a minor branch to Gwaun-cae-Gurwen. The box, previously Pantyffynnon South, was built by the Great Western Railway in 1892.
Inside the box
The 49-lever frame in the box also dates back to the opening of the cabin in 1892.
Key token instrument at Pantyffynnon
Working of the Central Wales line between here and Craven Arms is by "No-signalman Token" - a variation on the normal single-line instruments that allows the token to be withdrawn by drivers at intermediate points on the line. This particular one, of course, is worked by a signalman!
Track layout plan of Pantyffynnon
Mounted on the instrument shelf is a small console to assist the signalman in planning movements over the single line between here and Craven Arms. Above is the conventional signalling plan of the local layout.

Photographs by Roger Bailey

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