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Date Name & Contact Details
07/01/19 Ceann Moran
HELP! Because the forum is down I have no other way of asking about a post to the forum found via google that reads: " 29 Jun 2013 - I came across this picture of flood damaged beach bungalows ( ex signal boxes ) at Snettisham. Local sources used to talk of two bungalows .." My Grandparents owned them,Littlebury & Duxford, so I have more info. Love to get a copy of the picture. Long-shot I know but if you can help please get in touch, many thanks
26/11/18 Martin Quartermain
WANTED - GWR/BR(W) Two Lever Balance Weight casting (casting G175) - to purchase or have swaps for other signal fittings - thank you, e-mail or telephone 01608 737269 (Evenings).
08/10/18 Alastair Connell
Looking for around 20- 25 concrete stools for point rodding in reuseable condition, with or without frames and wheels, for a new signalling installation on a heritage railway.
09/08/18 Kelvin Scully
Wanted: LMS/LNER (or pre- grouping constituents) reclaimed wooden windows/doors/structure to assist with the recreation of a signal box. LMS/LNER booking desk/slope and block shelf. LNER/BR(E) off rod assembly. BR UQ circuit controller adjustable linkage. 3 x Green/Blue BR Std UQ spectacle lenses and glazing seals. Any lengths of new or used galvanized Signal General Strand Wire (7/16). Large draft wheels and shackles to suit. BR(E) & BR(M) Round Post fittings, U-Bolts, Ladder brackets and sections of round post. 6 x SL33 110v bulbs. SL33 bulb holder. Wooden or metal location cabinet. Illuminated Banner Repeater. Any used or new/off-cuts A1 or A2 cable for block instruments and C2 multi core cable for colour light signals, etc. 2BA terminal blocks and sliding links, fuse blocks and fuses. Q style relay plug boards, J4137/3 Q type Crimps. Mechanical points detector, points rodding, rodding bolts, stools, cranks and associated fittings. LNWR pattern ground frame levers.
12/06/18 stephen humphris
does any one out there have a G172 gwr/wr spindle bearing and rear clamp casting with the steel spring bump stop lying around they wish to sell?
05/06/18 Robert Armstrong
Complete upper quadrant Home and Distant signal arms complete with spectacle lenses Any reasonable condition considered Contact:
04/06/18 Geoff Marsh
6 band Tyer/Field & Grant Circuit Closers (as used for arm repeating) for Heritage Railway signalling project. Prepared to buy or swap for 4 band versions.
16/04/18 Tim Stevens
Two BR(LMR) plastic-cased colour light signal repeaters in working order: the "arm" types with a "blob" on the end that points to red circle (ON) or green circle (OFF). Sorry for the non-technical description, but I hope you know what I mean! Thanks...
16/03/18 tsr2:xr219
For model project:- photos of Doncaster north & south including interiors,also same for covered ground frame near North Bridge.Any drawings/sketches/personal recollections would also help, such as where chairs /tables were positioned. Many thanks John
07/03/18 Gareth
Does anyone have a spare copy of the Signalling Record Society's Signal Box Diagrams on CD Great Western Section A London? The SRS web site states they are currently 'out of stock' and having enquired, there are no immediate plans to get any more produced. Happy to pay any reasonable price.

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