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Date Name & Contact Details
09/10/19 Kelvin Scully
Wanted the following used or new surplus equipment for a signal box recreation project: J4137/3 Q Style Crimps for Relay Plugboard Bases and crimping pliers, Betaduct Trunking, SL33 bulb holder, Circuit controllers 2 & 4 way, BR UQ circuit controller adjustable links. LNER/BR(E) cast iron spectacle plate for calling-on signal, 0086/042060 2BA terminal blocks and 0086/042053 Yellow & 0086/042054 white captive links, Fuse blocks and fuses. Any lengths of used/new off-cuts yellow flame proof or black rubber single core cable for block instruments, A1 or A2 single and multicore cable. Wooden or metal location cabinet. Galvanised 7/16 signal general stand wire. Signal post ladder brackets, round post signal fittings. Lower balance weight assembly for a LNER wooden post signal. LMS Booking desk/slope, LMS instrument shelf. Any LMS/Midland reclaimed wooden signal box structure/windows/door. BR(M) lollipop lever leads numbers 1 to 10. operating coils and wiring diagram for a Westinghouse Banner Repeater.
01/08/19 Adrian R F Crafer
Network Rail are carrying out a Life Extension project for Token Machines. Spare parts are becoming in short supply and they are commissioning the manufacture of new parts as necessary. However they have found that certain western region drawings are missing from their archive, nor are the drawings present in that part of the Archive which is held by the Signalling Record Society. These drawings relate to some elements of the machines that were redesigned in the 1960s and later. They are currently looking for number blocks as follows 7899/n; 7901; MA7902/n; 7906/n and 9406/n. but they would be interested in any post 1960 drawings for Token Machines. The M and page size prefix omitted from some numbers as it is believed the /number drawings are a number of different sizes. Network Rail are looking for the original tracings, dyeline prints/photocopies, or digital scans of these missing drawings. If you can help please contact me. Note this appeal will appear on a number of other forums.
18/06/19 Ethan Langfield
On the look out for a number of Ground Signal Posts (roughly 5 or so), preferable GWR/ Western Region pattern for a re-signalling project at a Heritage Railway in South Wales. An exchange of equipment may be possible, as we do have some equipment surplus to requirements.
09/04/19 Alan Dengate
We have identified a need for some plug-in relays: Type: ZS 2411 Pin Code 133 12v DC. Any amount up to 81, please. They will be used as Safety relays and no we are not installing any Reed equipment.
05/04/19 Paul Wilson
Looking for 2 GWR Tyers No.9 single line token instruments for a new signalling installation on a heritage railway. if any one knows of 2 please email me. regards Paul
18/03/19 Paul hughes
For the restoration of lightmoor jct signal box. 3 BR leaver release plungers. These are the last items we need to complete the box restoration after it suffered a arson attack 18 months ago. Willing to purchase or we have other signaling items that we could trade, let me know what you are after and we will see what we have. Thanks for looking
07/01/19 Ceann Moran
HELP! Because the forum is down I have no other way of asking about a post to the forum found via google that reads: " 29 Jun 2013 - I came across this picture of flood damaged beach bungalows ( ex signal boxes ) at Snettisham. Local sources used to talk of two bungalows .." My Grandparents owned them,Littlebury & Duxford, so I have more info. Love to get a copy of the picture. Long-shot I know but if you can help please get in touch, many thanks
26/11/18 Martin Quartermain
WANTED - GWR/BR(W) Two Lever Balance Weight casting (casting G175) - to purchase or have swaps for other signal fittings - thank you, e-mail or telephone 01608 737269 (Evenings).

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