Great Central Railway lever frames

Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway lever frameManchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway lever frame

This type of frame is believed to have been built by the MS&L (who later became the Great Central Railway) at their Gorton works in Manchester.

The design dates from the early 1870's, and continued in manufacture until the late 1886. Many were later used second-hand.

Many of these frames survive in use, but all have long ago been provided with straightforward tappet locking.

This example is at Worksop Sidings.

Great Central lever frameGreat Central lever frame

After using the Railway Signal Company's standard products for a period, the Great Central standardised on a unique design of lever frame in 1905.

The distinct feature of these frames was the mounting of the "catch-handles" to the front of the lever, giving rise to the nick-name of "jug handle".

Large numbers of this type of frame were built, mostly by the Railway Signal Co., but a few by Saxby & Farmer and McKenzie & Holland.

This example is at Worksop West. Another example at Firbeck Junction "B" is illustrated in the Photo Gallery. A further example, xonverted to conventional catch-handles by the LNER, may be seen at Hilgay.

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