British Railways (LMR) lever frames

British Railways (London Midland Region) lever frameBritish Railways (London Midland Region) lever frame

The London Midland Region developed the LMS's standard tappet frame into a yet more advanced design. This was known in official circles as the 1943-pattern frame (suggesting the design originated with the LMS) but none were built until 1949.

These frames existed in 4½" and 6" spacing, but the latter type was built solely for direct replacement of ageing Midland Tumbler frames with worn locking. The example shown here is one of this type.

This type is easily identified by the white plastic sleeves on the lever handles (which are all cut short here for power operation) and brass catch handles which which would snap to prevent the locking from being forced.

This example is at Newark Crossing, more details of which can be found in the Photo Gallery.

British Railways (London Midland Region) lever frameThe Scottish Region also installed a few frames of this type, but soon reverted to the simpler Stevens-type frame that had been preferred for many years.

Scottish Region examples do not appear to have been provided with the white sheath on the lever handle. The frame illustrated here is the more common 4½" spaced type.

This example is at Dunning.

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