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The London Midland Region of British Railways inherited the architecture of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway, but immediately introduced a new design of brick cabin using many features of the strengthened wartime boxes of the LMS.

A new type of lever frame appeared in 1949, a development of the REC type of the LMS. LNW block instruments were adopted as standard throughout the network, until the BR modular plastic design appeared in the late 1950s.

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PenmaenmawrPage includes views of lever framePage includes views of signals and other outdoor equipment

A completely new design of signalbox was introduced in 1948, built entirely in brick and featuring a flat concrete roof and steel-framed windows. In circumstances where timber cabins were specified, LMS designs continued to be used.

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Harpenden JunctionPage includes views of lever framePage includes close-up views if signalling instruments and equipment

A modular design was introduced in 1954. Standard unit sizes for the upper floor were employed. About two-thirds of those built had brick bases. The sliding window arrangement of the 1948 was perpetuated, but the roof on this model was timber rather than concrete, with chamfered front corners. The last boxes of this type were built in 1983, several having been reused in a new location.