GNR Somersault signal

Signal boxes of

The Southern Region inherited little other than the Southern Railway at the grouping, so little changed initially. The extravagance of the 1930's boxes was, however, abandoned in favour of a more practical, but nevertheless attractive design.

The Westinghouse A frame continued as standard, although relatively few were purchased as power schemes were popular.

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Snowdown Colliery

Although opened in 1953, the architecture here shows great similarities with the Southern Railway reinforced wartime boxes.

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Between 1953 and 1961, the Southern Region built a range of flat-roofed boxes with steel-framed windows. With a conventional rectangular layout, these seemed very basic and uninspiring when compared with the Southern Railway's bold design of 1935.

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ShalfordPage includes views of lever frame

A similar style of box, dating from 1955.

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The 1959 "Modernisation Scheme" of British Railways at last brought some bolder designs from the Southern Railway's architects. This altogether more attractive style featured in a number of small power boxes between 1959 and 1966. The noticeable feature of all these boxes was blue-coloured cladding below the window area. The Southern Region's last few mechanical boxes to be built were in this style too - as illustrated here.