GNR Somersault signal

Signal boxes of

The Western Region inherited little apart from the existing Great Western empire at 1948, but soon developed their designs into a more modern style.

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Fosse Road

This box demonstrates the Great Western's final design of 1947, which was perpetuated by the Western Region through to 1950.

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Wellington No2

A new design, less-handsome but more modern, was introduced in 1949. The windows of the above design were retained, but were spaced out between brick pillars necessary for the all brick construction method. A flat roof was provided. Boxes of this type were built though to 1955.

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The Western Region's final design appeared in 1957. After 1961, all were constructed in timber. These were modular boxes and often featured unnecessary doors provided in the standard end walls. The woodwork was usually stained rather than painted, which in time resulted in a very drab appearance. Boxes of this type continued to be erected through to 1972, although the last of these were second-hand.