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Signal boxes of the

The Cambrian Railway did not build its own signal boxes, instead using standard designs of its preferred contractors.

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Until 1890, all signalling work on the Cambrian was carried out by McKenzie & Holland. The earliest boxes were to their pre-1875 design, although this example is not easily recognisable as the original hipped roof has been replaced at some time, probably after fire damage.

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However, full signalling was not provided on the Cambrian Railway until quite late, being installed over the five years up to 1895. By this date, Dutton & Co. were the preferred contractor and a large number of boxes were built to their 1888 design.

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Many of the boxes built during this period, and afterwards, featured the fully covered landing introduced by Dutton in 1894.

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Another box to Dutton's 1894 design.

The Cambrian Railway continued to use Dutton equipment, and also Pease after that company took over in 1899. The Cambrian was taken over by the Great Western in 1923.