Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1875

Closed: 2005

Location code: E12/12

Allington Junction signal boxAn 1874 development from the type illustrated at Ancaster, Allington Junction features four-panes vertically. These no longer reach up into the eaves.

The design also incorporates locking-room windows in the front wall with large stone lintels, and two large carved brackets at each end supporting the roof3

Allington Junction is located north of Grantham on the Nottingham line. This box controlled the west end of a link between the Nottingham and Skegness lines which passes under the Great Northern m1in line at Barkston.

A new box was brought into use during 2005, on the same side of the line but on the other side of the crossing, leading to the demolition of this 130-year old box. Around the same time a new curve was brought into operation allowing Skegness via Grantham services to run direct via Allington East and North Junctions.

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Additional notes by "Mike" and Richard Parson.

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