Great Northern Railway


Opened: c1873

Closed: ——

Location code: E16/24

Ancaster signal boxThis neat signal box can be found on the Great Northern's Grantham to Sleaford line, and dates back to the very early days of signalling, even before the introduction of block working. It was provided to control a small station and associated sidings.

The architecture represents a development from the 1871 style illustrated at Torrington Park introduced in 1873. This type featured much larger windows, reaching up to roof level, and a greater overhang of the gables. A further variation of this type can be seen at Newark North.

The level crossing gates adjacent to the box stairs are interesting. They gave access to the good yard on the other side of the line, but there were never any corresponding gates on the far side.

The original lever frame was replaced as early as 1887 by a thirty lever example manufactured by Saxby & Farmer, which is still in use.

The box has seen an uneventful 125 years pass, continuing in use to this day.

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