Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1875

Closed: 1977

Location code: E12/19

Aslockton signal boxAslockton may be seen as a development from the 1874 design at Allington Junction. Retaining the four-pane-high windows that reach right up into the eaves, the significant difference was the abandonment of the huge overhang of the gables in favour of something more conventional. The fancily carved bargeboards remain, though, and can even be found on the signalman's privy.

Boxes of this type existed only in the Grantham area - examples could be found between Grantham, Barkston and Lincoln, and also on the Grantham and Bingham route. An odd example existed at Peterborough. All were erected between 1875 and 1878.

Aslockton opened in late December 1875. Little is known about the original frame, but it was replaced at some date by a 25-lever Saxby & Farmer Duplex Tappet frame. This frame was later extended to 28 levers when Elton box was reduced to ground frame status around 1960.

Although this line is still in use, Aslockton box was abolished on 13th March 1977 as a result of a general reduction in traffic and consequential rationalisation of layout and signalling.

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