Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1871

Closed: 1980

Location code: NE40/02

Bentley Crossing signal boxThe first box reached, on leaving Doncaster on the Leeds route was Bentley Crossing. This small cabin controlled (as you probably guessed) a level crossing and also a small selection of sidings.

The box was built to a design used extensively in Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire during the 1870's and 1880's although a few existed elsewhere. These had plain brick bases with sashed locking-room windows. Bargeboards had the attractive ripple effect and windows stretched from the eaves virtually down to floor level.

Little is know about the frame originally provided in the box, but around 1891 Saxby & Framer provided a replacement of 18 levers to their standard "Duplex Tappet" type.

The box closed on 7th December, 1980.

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Additional notes by David Ingham

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