Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1876

Closed: 1977

Location code: E3/06

Biggleswade South signal boxA batch of signalboxes were erected between 1874 and 1876 on the sections of line between Hitchin and Huntingdon, and Hitchin and Baldock. These boxes were broadly similar to the example illustrated at Claypole (although the one illustrated here seems to have lost its ornate bargeboards), but the significant difference was the provision of curved tops to the window sections.

See St Neots for a box of similar design built as late as 1898.

Biggleswade South opened in June 1876 and originally housed a Saxby & Farmer frame with rocker interlocking of 36 levers. This was replaced in 1901 by a Railway Signal Company frame of 60 levers (which must have been a tight fit!) when the layout was remodelled. This remained in use through to the closure of the box on 16th January 1977.

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