Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1875

Closed: 1977

Location code: E4/33

Claypole signal boxClaypole was one of a number of signalboxes opened at wayside stations on the section of the Great Northern's main line between Grantham and Doncaster between 1874 and 1876.

These featured brick construction with gently arched locking-room windows. Above the three-pane high glazing for the operating floor, the vertical timbering of the 1870's box designs is very visible.

The windows at the end of the box, where the wheel or "crab" controlling the level crossing gates is, were enlarged at a later date to improve the view of approaching traffic on the road.

When first opened, the box contained a mere 18 levers in a frame manufactured by Ransome & Rapier - see Vickers Gun Range Sidings for an example of this unusual type. This was replaced in 1904 by a frame of 35 levers manufactured in-house by the Great Northern.

The box closed in 1977, when a modern cabin was brought into use to control this and other local level crossings in connection with power signalling controlled from Doncaster.

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