Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway


Opened: c1885

Closed: 1981

Location code: E50/19

The earliest type of Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway boxes had hipped roofs (like that at Blackmoor Crossing) but from 1880 all boxes had gabled roofs. Although this was really just a development of the earlier boxes, it set the trend for all boxes through to the end of the Great Central era.

This particular box was taller than normal, and this was achieved by simply elevating a normal size box. The lower portion would have originally been fully exposed, but this has been fenced off for the safety of the level crossing users.

Additional glazing has been provided to give the signalman a better view of traffic on the crossing. It is hard to say whether this was an original feature or a later modification.

The box contained a 28-lever Saxby & Farmer duplex-loxking frame (which would not have beenthe original), but an additional, separate, two lever frame was provided to operate the wicket gates of the crossing.

Denaby Crossing closed on 15th December 1981.

Photograph by John Hinson, 1976

View a track layout plan for 1976.

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