Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1873

Closed: ——

Location code: E60/21

East Holmes signal boxEast Holmes signalbox, in Lincoln, is a fine example of an all-timber box the the 1871 design illustrated at Torrington Park. Notice, again, the use of vertical timber panelling.

Very evident in the photograph is the additional row of windows below the main glazing. Although this looks as if it may have been an afterthought, it was actually a feature of a number of boxes of the era. These panes, which extend down to operating floor level, must have allowed a better view of points and signals immediately in front of the box.

The box is still in use today, and houses a 35-lever McKenzie & Holland frame which was provided as a replacement for the original one in 1910. The main function of the box was to control the junction of the original route (which became Holmes Yard goods lines) and a deviation around it which carried the through traffic. The box also controlled an outlet from the modern engine shed and protected the swing bridge across the canal (visible in the foreground here) which is now disused.

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