Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1877

Closed: 1977

Location code: E61/05

Haxey signal boxAlthough located on the Lincoln to Gainsborough section of the Great Northern & Great Eastern Joint Line, Haxby has no historical connections with the latter company as it predates the formation of the joint concern.

The box was erected by the Great Northern in 1877, to a design used quite extensively for boxes between March and Doncaster. Whilst these followed the general trend of the Great Northern's designs of the era, the roof pitch was noticeably steeper. The large rectangular locking -room windows are topped with a lintel.

Several boxes of this type were constructed entirely in timber - see Gainsborough Lea Road for an example.

Inside Haxey boxThe box controlled a station and quite extensive siding facilities from the 45-lever Railway Signal Company frame. Great Northern block instruments and bells adorn the block shelf, working to Misterton and Park Drain boxes.

The carpet on the lever quadrants is not an official feature but has been provided by the signalmen to keep the draughts out.

The box closed in 1977, and control of the remote level crossing (released by the brown lever seen reversed in the frame) was transferred to the adjacent box at Misterton using closed-circuit television cameras.

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