Great Eastern Railway


Opened: 1899

Closed: 1988

Location code: E27/21

Horsemoor signal boxAlthough the main contractors serving the great eastern Railway were McKenzie & Holland and Saxby & Farmer, smaller numbers were built by other companies. Dutton & Co erected a number of cabins to the Great Eastern's 1886 design, but comparison with North Walsham demonstrate two very distinct Dutton features.

The most obvious difference is the covered landing arrangement (compare with the pure Dutton box at Aberystwyth) and the modification of the window pane arrangement to small panes above tall.

The box, of course, contained a Dutton lever frame - see the similar box at Trowse Swing Bridge for an illustration of this type.

Horsemoor was an intermediate sidings box, with level crossing, on the Ely to March route. The box was abolished on 13th November 1988, and the crossing automated. The structure was sold and dismantled; it is stored at Murrow.

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Additional notes by David Ingham

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