Midland & Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1891

Closed: 1959

Location code: E57/21

Langor Bridge signal boxLangor Bridge was an intermediate cabin just east of Fakenham, controlling a level crossing, crossover and siding from its 18-lever frame. it was provided in 1891 in connection with the doubling of part of the &Midlands Railway.

The Great Northern was initially responsible for the signalling on Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway between Bourne and Lynn, and most of this was carried out in 1891 by the Railway Signal Company. These boxes were basically similar to Great Northern designs of the period (see Haxey) although most had a few standard RSCo features such as bargeboards.

The M&GN introduced its own design of signal box from 1894 which was without doubt based closely on Great Northern practice. These were installed where necessary around the system and Langor Bridge is a fine example. Notable features are the vertical panelling and four-pane high windows extending into the eaves.

An example of the Midland Railway's contribution to the signalling can be seen at Massingham.

This part of the M&GN line closed in 1959, but the structure survives as the land is now part of somebody's garden. This photograph was taken from the road that used to cross the railway at the level crossing.

After 1916, the M&GN produced a new design of box, built from concrete blocks. The only one of these to be built was at Cromer.

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