Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1875

Closed: 1977

Location code: E5/03

Newark North signal boxThe original box at Newark North (which would have looked very similar to Newark Crossing) was renewed as early as 1875. This was necessary owing to expansion of the initially very basic layout and fortunately the replacement box was built to sufficient dimensions to cope with all later changes.

Architecturally, the box is a development from the type illustrated at Ancaster, retaining the greatly overhanging gables but squeezing five small panes into the height of the glazed area. At the end facing the camera, this glazing extends down to floor level, six-panes high, but this may be a later modification.

When the box opened in 1875, it was provided with a Ransome & Rapier frame of 35 levers, like the one illustrated at Vickers Gun Range Sidings. However, later expansion of the layout necessitated renewal of this frame in 1900 with a 40-lever example manufactured by the Railway Signal Company.

The box continued to signal trains of the East Coast main line through to 27th February 1977, when colour-light signalling was introduced.

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