Great Eastern Railway


Opened: 1896

Closed: 2000

Location code: E30/29

North Walsham signal boxNorth Walsham is a neat and compact example of the Great Eastern standard design used from 1886 onwards. Developed from the type illustrated at Norwich Thorpe Junction. The majority of these were built entirely in timber - see Trowse Yard for a brick example. A similar timber box, with Dutton & Co features, can be seen at Horsemoor.

This box was originally known as North Walsham Station, as there was another box controlling the link with the Midland & Great Northern Railway. The box became plain North Walsham when the Junction box closed in 1956. The junction points were motor operated, and it is likely that the little bay window was installed at this time to give the signalman a better view of the layout at the far end of the station.

In 1958, the junction arrangements were altered in connection with the closure of the M&GN as a through route, and the McKenzie & Holland frame was extended from 35 to 41 levers.

The majority of the levers became spare in later years, as the layout contracted, and the frame was shortened to 31 levers. The box continued in use through to 2000.

Changing tablets at North WalshamThis view shows the signalman (dressed practically in a raincoat rather than the modern practice of high-visibility clothing) exchanging tablets with the driver of a Cravens-built DMU. Notice the LNER's method of achieving a double-disc arrangement - one is actually behind the other.

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