Great Central Railway


Opened: 1905

Closed: 1984

Location code: E42/35

Oughty Bridge signal boxOughty Bridge was erected in 1905 to replace two earlier boxes (East and West) at this location. Tucked against a steep forested embankment on the once busy electrified Woodhead route, the box commanded an excellent view across the valley, which was of course far more interesting than the view down the line.

The box itself is similar in design to Blind Lane, of the MS&L's 1894 design which was perpetuated into the Great Central era. This design embodied many features of earlier types - three pane high windows with only the corner sections sliding, six-ring barge-boards, ventilator window in the gable end and even the standard design of water butt!

Notice that near the water butt an emergency telephone is provided, for staff usage when the box is closed.

Interior of Oughty Bridge box.The lever frame inside the box is of the standard Railway Signal Company type, with 5½" centres. This type was adopted by the MS&L in 1887 for all boxes through to 1905. Therefore, this must have been one of the last installations of this type on Great Central metals.

Signalling instruments are of the Tyer & Co. "black box" type, placed either side of an enormous Eastern Region closing switch. The running signals have shortened handles to signify that they are colour light.

Oughty Bridge box was closed in January 1984.

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