London & North Eastern Railway


Opened: c1925

Closed: 1977

Location code: E61/06

Park Drain signal boxAlthough opened in early LNER days, Park Drain is a standard Great Northern structure of their 1907 design, similar to Bellwater Junction. It may well have already been on the drawing board when the grouping took place in 1923.

This questinoably delightfully named Park Drain was located along the Great Northern & Great Eastern Joint line, on the Gainsborough to Doncaster section. It can be compared with its next-door neighbour at Haxey of much earlier and ornate design.

The box contained a Saxby & Farmer lever frame which was much older than the structure. mounted rearward in the box. Rear mounted frames were common in LNER days, but the model of frame predates the box by many years and was clwearly supplied second-hand.

The box was abolished on 5th December 1977.

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