Great Northern and London & North Western Joint


Opened: 1879

Closed: 1964

Location code: E61/25

Stathern Junction signal box
Photograph 1962, by T G Hepburn/collection of Dr J W F Scrimgeour

As far as is known, all of the original signalling provided on the Great Northern and London & North Western Joint line was provided by the GN, although several LNW boxes are known to have been provided later for renewals and new work. The line formed a link between Market Harborough and Newark, linking along the way with numerous GN branches.

At Stathern Junction, north of Melton Mowbray, a double-track branch diverged to connect up with the GN's Nottingham and Derby line at Saxondale Junction. This 20-lever box was provided in 1879, erected by McKenzie & Holland but to the Great Northern's specification. During this period, the GN laid down the basic architectural requirements, allowing the contractors to customise them. McKenzie & Holland built a large number of boxes of this type between 1875 and 1880 - the majority were found in the Nottingham area.

Notable features of this design were the four-pane-high windows stretching from the eaves almost to floor level, giving the signalman an excellent view of his surroundings. Wavy-line barge-boards were provided, and a closet was provided on the landing at the top of the stairs. the design was copied by the North Staffordshire Railway in 1875 following the construction of several on the GN's extension into Staffordshire, an example is illustrated at Stallington.

With the closure of the Saxondale line, which had latterly been singled, the box was no longer required and closed on 24th May, 1964.

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