Great Northern Railway


Opened: 1872

Closed: 1906

Location code: E21/03

The original Woodside Park boxPerched on the end of the platform at Woodside Park on the Underground is a fine example of early Great Northern architecture. This cabin opened in 1872 when the High Barnet branch was constructed.

This style of GN box featured vertical timberwork and neat, compact windows. The decorative bargeboards and grand finials were typical of all GN box designs from the 1870's onwards. Examples (like this one) with brick bases also had the brickwork extended up to the roof level at the rear wall, so as to accommodate the hearth and chimney.

An all-timber example of the same type is illustrated at East Holmes.

Torrington Park was renamed Woodside Park in 1882, and the box was replaced in 1906. Amazingly, the building was not demolished and has served as a useful sore-room for nearly a century.

The 1906 replacement box is also illustrated and described.

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