Great Eastern Railway


Opened: 1921

Closed: 1986

Location code: E34/29

Trowse Yard signal boxTrowse Yard represents the less common brick-built version of the Great Eastern's final standardised design of 1886 -see North Walsham for an example of the more common timber type. This example was built as late as 1921.

Trowse was on the approaches to Norwich from the London direction. There was once a station and four signal boxes here. Trowse Upper Junction controlled the junction from the Ely route for the old terminus at Norwich Victoria. Trowse Lower Junction controlled the point at which the Ely line joined with the Ipswich route. Trowse Yard was at the opposite end of the station, followed by Trowse Swing Bridge controlling . . . yes, you've guessed right!

Signals at Trowse YardTrowse Yard was provided with a second-hand Saxby & Farmer Duplex frame, fitted with standard Leyton tappet locking, of 45 levers. Much of the early layout here survived through to a late date.

This picture shows and interesting signal with arms facing both directions.

facing the camera is Trowse Yard's Down Starter, motor operated and slotted by Trowse Swing Bridge. It is located on the wrong side of both main lines to give good sighting on the curve. It is provided with a Rule 55-exempt diamond sign, indicating that the line is track circuited.

For the other direction, the top arm is the Trowse Swing Bridge Up Starter, with the Yard box's Distant arm below. Both of these arms are also motor operated.

The buffer stops on the right are at the end of a small run-off siding to prevent runaway wagons ending up in the river if the bridge is open. The points are spring-loaded to the run-off position, but the signalman at Trowse yard could over-ride this by means of a "slotted joint" in the points equipment.

Trowse Yard box closed, along with the other Norwich area boxes, in 1986.

Click here to see a track layout of this box at 1969

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