Lancashire, Derbyshire & East Coast Railway


Opened: 1899

Closed: 1983

Location code: E45/20

Warsop Junction signal boxThe Lancashire, Derbyshire and East Coast Railway cannot be regarded as a successful company for its tentacles never reached Lancashire or the East Coast, and only just touched Derbyshire, before absorption by the Great Central in 1907.

However, they signalled the line (which generated more coal traffic than anything else) to high standards when it first opened. The line was partly signalled by the Railway Signal Company (see Skellingthorpe), but west of Tuxford, as here, boxes were constructed by Saxby and Farmer to a design unique to this railway company.

Warsop Junction was located near Shirebrook, where a tangle of lines linked up with the Midland Railway and a number of collieries. With all the underground mining in the area, the box is showing signs of gentle sinking.

Just beyond the box is a standard LNE upper quadrant bracket signal, made of steel beams up to gantry level, with tubular posts for the individual dolls.

Interior of Warsop Junction box Inside the box was a Saxby & Farmer duplex-locking frame of 65 levers, of identical build to Arrochar & Tarbet. By this date, many levers were out of use (spare levers are painted white) and the short-handled blue and black levers demonstrate that the junction points have been motorised.

On the block shelf are BR standard block instruments, which are built out of segments into the required combination. The centre instrument is for accepting trains only, and lacks the top indicator for signalling trains in the opposite direction. The Eastern Region have demonstrated their inattention to detail by building all three instruments in the wrong colour combinations - the white module should be at the top (the non-pegger) for sending trains.

With the general run down of coal mining, the box closed in 1983 with the remaining layout controlled by Shirebrook Junction on the nearby Midland line.

View a track layout for Warsop Junction c1963

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