Great Central Railway


Opened: 1906

Closed: 1985

Location code: E47/27

Worksop Sidings signal boxWorksop Sidings is another example of the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire's 1887 design, similar to North Kelsey, although it did not open until 1906, by which time two successive designs had been introduced and the MS&L had become the Great Central Railway. It seems likely that the box came second-hand from another location. Most boxes of this type were all-timber although, for the first time on the MS&L, a few were constructed with brick bases.

The six-ring barge-boards and end ventilator window is perpetuated from earlier designs, but locking-room windows in the front wall became the norm with this type.

Inside Worksop Sidings boxInside could be found a lever frame to the MS&L's own design dating from before 1887, with 6" centres, which must also have been second-hand.

The box only controlled the goods lops (and siding connections) and the main lines passed through the middle of the box's layout unsignalled. The goods loops were worked by bell only, hence the lack of block instruments on the shelf. All that can be seen there are the two bells, a pair of telephones and the closing switch.

With the drop in freight traffic during the 1980s, brought about by the closure of so many of the local coal mines, the box was abolished on the 8th December 1985.

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