GNR Somersault signal

Signal boxes built by

Former employees of Dutton & Co., J P O'Donnell and A G Evans set up their company in 1894. Their box designs evolved from previous experience with Dutton & Co.

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North Kent West JunctionPage includes views of signals and other outdoor equipment

The standard Evans, O'Donnell & Co. design of box was very similar to the Dutton 1894 design, with roof area incorporating the porch and landing. Several boxes of this type were erected for the South Eastern Railway.

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Several boxes were built for the Barry Railway from 1895 onwards, basically conforming to the above design although with additional enhancements surprisingly similar to Great Eastern 1885 practice.

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Aberthaw East

A whole batch of boxes were built for a new line of the Barry Railway in 1897, which were more conventional in appearance when compared with other boxes on that company's lines.

Evans O'Donnell & Co. were absorbed by Saxby & Farmer in 1903.