GNR Somersault signal

Signal boxes of the

The Glasgow & South Western Railway was slow with the introduction of interlocked signal boxes, and it wasn't until 1893 that this was completed. Signal boxes were built to the company's own design, usually in timber.

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Mauchline No1

The first boxes of this company, introduced around 1875, featured a relatively small glazed area, separated at the front by a plain portion. All Glasgow & South Western boxes had hipped roofs. A few cabins were provided with a deeper (three panes high) window area.

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Challoch JunctionPage includes views of lever frame

A box of apparently unique design, on the Portpatick & Wigtownshire Joint line.

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Stranraer Station

Another 1870s box of indetrminate architecture, perhaps with McKenzie & Holland origins.

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Around 1885, a new design was introduced, with the glazing extended right up to the roof line. In most examples, each window section was divided into just three panes. A few boxes retained the blank central panel but most had a full set of windows in the front wall.

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A similar design to the above was found in many boxes along the Portpatrick & Wigtownshire Joint.

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This example demonstrates a variation of the above design found in some later cabins, where the windows sections are also divided vertically in a more conventional style.

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Elderslie No1Page includes views of lever framePage includes close-up views if signalling instruments and equipment

Another design of signal cabin was introduced in 1901. The significant change was the relocation of the windows nearer operating floor level, which resulted in a timbered space between them and the roof which was filled with fine vertical timbering. As with the previous model, there were a number of window pane combinations used - this example has large uninterrupted plate glass panes. A similar cabin, but with a different window arrangement, is described on the LMS page.

The Glasgow & South Western was taken over by the London, Midland & Scottish in 1923.