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The Hull & Barnsley Railway was comprehensively signalled when it first opened in 1885. The first boxes were provided by Saxby & Farmer and were of that company's first 1884 design which was only otherwise found on the South Eastern Railway. Those on the Denaby branch from opening were to the more widespread Saxby & Farmer design of that period.

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In 1897, the Hull & Barnsley turned to Evans, O'Donnell & Co. as their supplier, but the boxes erected were to a design specified by the H&B. This plain but tidy design can be regarded as a direct development of the S&F boxes already in use on the system, but featured a greater overhang of the roof and other detail changes. From 1916, boxes were built with a taller glazed area three panes high.

The Hull & Barnsley merged in 1922 with the North Eastern Railway just before the grouping.