Maryport & Carlisle Railway


Opened: 1891

Closed: 1998

Location code: LM132/05

Aspatria signal boxAspatria was, for many years, the sole surviving representative signal box of the Maryport & Carlisle Railway. All other surviving box locations along the short main line of this company were renewed after the formation of the LMS in 1923.

All boxes built before 1900 were to the design illustrated here, a plain, hipped-roof type with relatively small window area. The signalling during this era was provided by Stevens & Sons, although the few later boxes contained Tyers lever frames. It is interesting to compare this stle of box with early examples on the London & South Western Railway - two users of Stevens & Sons equipment that ostensibly designed and built their own cabins certainly seem to have come up with a similar result!

The original Stevens & Sons frame in the box was renewed by the LMS in 1940 using a second-hand L&Y pattern frame of 25 levers.

After a period of being more-or-less permanently switched out, the box was abolished in january 1998 and the last surviving Maryport & Carlisle Railway box was demolished.

Additional notes by Ewan Crawford

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