Furness Railway


Opened: c1874

Closed: ——

Location code: LM109/04

Bootle signal boxThis photograph of Bootle box was taken, I'm afraid, straight into the sun but it demonstrates a normally-proportioned box similar to Ravenglass that is still in use.

Erected around 1874, the box controlled the small station, level crossing and goods yard from a cramped 15-lever frame for many years. Originally of twelve levers, it had been extended at both ends and an extra lever was even squeezed between levers 5 and 6! This frame was renewed as recently as 1977 with a standard London Midland Region frame, also of fifteen levers.

Like so many boxes along the Cumbrian coast, its long life has been ensured by the presence of the level crossing, and there are no plans to replace this century-and-a-quarter-old box at present.

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