Furness Railway


Opened: 1902

Closed: ——

Location code: LM108/20

Dalton Junction signal boxThe route of the Furness Railway at Barrow-in-Furness makes a large loop, and a cut off exists to allow trains not calling there to save a little mileage. The eastern end is controlled by Dalton Junction, and neat brick cabin opened on the 16th April 1902.

The box was built to the Furness Railway's final (post-1896) design which replaced the two types illustrated at Green Road and St Bees. Most boxes built to this design were constructed in brick and incorporated an enclosed brick staircase, as seen here. Many of the boxes built to this were quite large, such as at Carnforth Station Junction.

Interior view of Dalton Junction boxThe box contains a 20-lever frame manufactured by Evans O'Donnell. The levers bear their original, hand-painted pull-plates, whilst behind the levers can be seen an impressive sign-written lever description board.

Above, on the instrument shelf, are three BR standard block instruments which would have replaced the Furness Railway's usual Tyers one-wire, three-position blocks during the 1960s. An LNWR-pattern closing switch is provided.

A traditional paper diagram of the layout housed in a glass case completes the scene.

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