London, Midland & Scottish Railway


Opened: 1946

Closed: ——

Location code: LM57/06

Elmton & Creswell Junction boxFrom 1933, the LMS simplified the design of their boxes by omitting the corner fillet box which harked back to the Midland Railway's earliest architecture.

Elmton & Creswell Junction opened in 1946, replacing two Midland Railway boxes that had existed here, on the Mansfield to Worksop line.

Here, a branch diverges for Seymour Junction, single line worked by Tyer's tablet. Although now disused, this is the last location in England worked by this system.

The box looks desperate for a lick of paint in this 1977 view.

Interior of Elmton & Creswell Junction boxThe 48-lever frame was a unique experimental example based on the London & North Western Railway's stirrup type (like that at Harrow No2), which ceased production in 1925. This was quite a strange reversion after many years' use of the REC type based on the quite different Midland Railway design (see Barrow Hill Junction) which had been in use since the early 1920s. This may be because the locking on that type had not proved robust enough to prevent the locking being forced on larger frames. This issue was eventually overcome by the provision of brass catch-handles on later types, which would snap under excessive pressure.

The block instruments are all of the Great Central type, but it is reasonable to assume Midland Railway instruments were originally provided. The instruments seen here are likely to have been installed after the formation of British Railways as this box ultimately became part of the Eastern Region which was also responsible for most of the former Great Central's lines.

The box is no longer in regular use.

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