Otley & Ilkley Joint Railway


Opened: 1913

Closed: 1994

Location code: LM79/05

{short description of image}Ilkley Junction wasn't really a junction at all, but the Midland Railway liked the term and used it at every opportunity. Ilkley is on the loop that once ran from Shipley round to Skipton; this part was jointly owned with the North Eastern Railway, although all the signalling was provided by the Midland.

This box opened in 1913, and is possibly the fourth at this location. It is to a similar design to the early LMS boxes at Barrow Hill Junction and Barrow Hill Up Sidings, although cantilevered out through lack of ground space. Apart from the new window glazing arrangement, another feature of this post-1906 design is the is of lapped boards on the box walls in preference to weatherboarding.

It contained a 44-lever Midland Tappet frame, although by the time this picture was taken in the mid-1970's only 19 remained in use.

These days Ilkley is the terminus from the Shipley direction. A panel replaced the levers in 1983, but further resignalling took place in 1994 and the area is now controlled from Leeds power box.

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