Cheshire Lines Committee


Opened: 1886

Closed: 1996

Location code: LM124/05

Knutsford East signal boxAlthough a joint concern belonging to the Great Central, Great Northern and Midland Railways, the Cheshire Lines Committee maintained a completely independent policy in respect of signal boxes, frames and signals. Most boxes built by the CLC prior to 1904 had hipped roofs (see Mobberley), but Knutsford East was an oddity in being a gabled cabin. It is thought to actually be a modified version of the Stevens & Sons design, a small example of which is illustrated at Grain Crossing.

When first opened, the box was named "Knutsford", the suffix being added when the West box opened on 8th September 1889.

Knutsford East contained a 20-lever frame of Stevens & Sons' design which dated from the opening of the box in 1886.

Signal at Knutsford East An interesting gem to be found on the end of the platform at Knutsford was this CLC miniature arm shunting signal. It originally had two arms, reading Up Main to Down Main or to Up Sidings and had been controlled by a ground frame. Later alterations saw the lower arm removed, and the top arm controlled by lever 9 at Knutsford East, reading to the Up Sidings.

A white patch has been painted on the bridge to improve a driver's view of the signal, and a white diamond sign has been provided to indicate to a driver that the line his train is standing on is track-circuited. Both of these features are uncommon on shunting signals.

The signal had been renewed prior to the box being closed on 27th October 1996. Although the box is a listed building, it was reported that the top portion was destroyed by fire in March 2000. The remains were demolished during April or May 2001.

View track layout diagram for Knustford East at 1960

Additional notes by David Ingham, John Hillmer, Ken Lowe and Dave Skipsey

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