London & North Western Railway


Opened: 1872

Closed: 1993

Location code: LM36/22

Lambrigg Crossing signal boxThis box dates from 1872, and was erected by Saxby & Farmer to their first design of cabin. It is a small and compact example of the type illustrated at Llysfaen. Lambrigg Crossing would have been a little taller when first built, but the high cant of the line passing the box has caused the ballast to build up nearly to the level of the locking-room windows.

Lambrigg Crossing was situated north of Oxenholme on the London & North Western's main route across the Shap Fells. Many of the boxes on this route served little more than a section-breaking function, and thus did not require a large lever frame which allowed them to be built to small dimensions.

Little is known about the original Saxby & Farmer frame, but it was replaced in 1915 by one of the LNW's own manufacture of just ten levers.

The box outlived the resignalling of the line with electrification in 1973 as it was retained to protect the level crossing and also work an emergency crossover used when single-line working was needed. The road was diverted in 1977 and the level crossing closed, but the box still lived on to work the crossover acting simply as a covered ground frame.

Lambrigg Crossing box finally closed on the 7th March 1993.

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