London, Midland & Scottish Railway


Opened: 1935

Closed: 1981

Location code: LM52/02

Lloyds Sidings NorthBetween the wars there was considerable expansion of the railway network serving the Corby steel works complex, necessitating the construction of a number of new boxes. Lloyds Sidings North was one such, opening on 13th January 1935.

However, it is intriguing that at London & North Western Railway box was erected (similar to Harrow No2) rather than the LMS standard type introduced in 1929. Even given that pre-grouping designs were utilised before that, it is still odd that a Midland Railway design wasn't used here.

Midland railway shunting signals at Lloyds Sidings NorthOther signs of continuance of pre-grouping practice was present in the signals, too.

This example demonstrates the later MR type, with white "half-moons" fitted above and below the miniature arms for improved visibility.

In cases like this, where several arms are provided to indicate individual routes, the signals always read for routes left to right from the top arm downwards.

At the very foot of the signal is another Midland Railway hallmark - the "accusing finger" delightfully cast in detail. This shows drivers whether the signal applies to the line on the left or right of the signal.

Just as there was expansion in the thirties, there was contraction in the eighties, and the 55-lever box became surplus to requirements and was closed on 27th June 1981.

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