London & North Western Railway


Opened: 1868

Closed: 1983

Location code: LM26/11

Llysfaen signal boxThis sturdy brick signalbox was erected in 1870 by Saxby & Farmer to control a now long-closed station on the North Wales Coast line east of Colwyn Bay.

The design of the box is basically similar to Lambrigg Crossing - notice the matching centrally-placed roof bracket - but the box has been built from "engineer's blue" bricks.

The original Saxby & Farmer frame in the box was renewed in 1902 with one of the LNW's own Tumbler-locking design of 25 levers.

Despite closure of the station here in 1931, the box survived through to more recent years as the sidings served the works of ICI Ltd.

Llysfaen signal box closed on 18th December 1983, having achieved 115 years of service.

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