Cheshire Lines Committee


Opened: 1886

Closed: ——

Location code: LM124/03

Mobberley signal boxAlthough opened at the same date as Knutsford East, Mobberley box is a standard Cheshire Lines cabin in all respects. This design, with separate upper windows and large hipped roof, was used extensively over the period from 1873 to 1903.

Mobberley was a wayside station , with level crossing, on the line from Manchester across to Chester and the box is still in use.

Interior of Mobberley box Inside the box is an example of the Cheshire Lines Committee's own design of frame. This design is often attributed to Stevens although there are no features to suggest this. The size and stroke of the levers does not lend itself to easy pulling, and most boxes have the raised foot supports as seen here to assist with the pulling of the distant signals.

On the right is the wheel to operate the level crossing gates, which are interlocked with the lever frame through the two brown levers at the right-hand end of the frame. On one of these the signalman has placed his "lever duster". These were standard British Railways issue to protect hands from dirty levers, or to protect levers from dirty hands, depending on the level of obsession with polishing in the box.

The block instruments are to British Railways' standard plastic-cased design.

Lever badges at Mobberley All but two of the lever badges at Mobberley were, at the time of this photograph, the original brass plates provided by the CLC. Those without the need to list "pulls" are oval in shape, whereas those with a pulling list are keyhole shaped.

The box also stars in an excellent web site about Mobberley Village maintained by John Tulley.

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