London, Midland & Scottish Railway


Opened: 1924

Closed: 1996

Location code: LM112/11

Purfleet signal boxThe London, Tilbury & Southend Railway sold out to the Midland railway in 1912, and from then on all new signal boxes were built to the Midland's humble designs in place of the extravagant and grandiose structures such as Purfleet Rifle Range, which was just down the line. Purfleet was built just into LMS days (opening on 26th October 1924), although Midland designs continued to be used for a further five years.

For this reason, quite a few Midland-style boxes could be found on the former LTS line, all being to the Midland's fourth standard design as seen at Ilkley. This example is the variant with with the small-paned windows - it is not known whether this was for aesthetic reasons or whether they were reusing parts from dismantled boxes.

Purfleet survived electrification of the line in the early 1960's, being retained to work the adjoining level crossing and a complex of freight sidings. As with many boxes on the line, it was altered to work the new colour-light signals from switches and the points from a shortened lever frame.

Closure came on 25th May 1996 when the line was re-resignalled.

Additional notes by Ken Lowe

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