London, Tilbury & Southend Railway


Opened: 1910

Closed: 1980

Location code: LM112/10

Purfleet Rifle Range signal boxThis unusually named signal box was built in 1910 to serve

The box was built, in accordance with LTS practice, by the Railway Signal Company. All RSCo boxes on the LTS were built without the additional row of small windows below the main ones, and larger than standard locking-room windows. A similar box can be seen at Ockendon. Later boxes were constructed by the Midland Railway; the adjacent box at Purfleet is an example.

The box contained a RSCo frame of forty levers, eleven of which were spare when the box opened. In the early sixties, when the line was electrified, colour-light signalling was installed. The new signals were controlled from a panel mounted above the levers, and the number of levers was reduced to just ten to work the remaining layout.

The box closed in 1980, and the control of the level crossing was transferred to Purfleet box, monitored by closed-circuit television cameras.

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